World War IV

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World War III could be said to be the Cold War. But World War IV is certainly about Radical Islam.

Please watch this. We must expand people’s context!

World War I ended in an armistice. World War II ended with unconditional surrender. World War III ended when Soviet Russia was dealt with. But the new conflict is, at its root, religious. They despise the Pope more than, say, President Bush. There will be no armistice, they will not surrender. It is a conflict of those who worship life versus those who worship death. How do you make a deal with someone who straps bombs on their own children?

A larger version is here for your viewing pleasure.

The video talks about how Radical Islam has hijacked Islam and is spread out among the population. But the difference between Radical Islam and their Muslim brothers is that Radical Islam worships death.

Soon, the West will be split among itself. Those Westerners who worship death more than life will, naturally, side with Radical Islam and proclaim death to the West. One of the factions, feminists, clearly falls into this category. It explains why the civilization and religion that brutally treats their women and literally keeps them down, the Radical Islam, is ignored by the feminists. Who are the feminists’ enemies? Not just men but life-worshipping men and women. It is you men who do not live for materialism, who do not live for image, who do not live for power over other people. While Radical Islam gets a pass, feminists attack Christianity for ‘putting down the women’. Feminists despise life so it is no longer strange to me to see them be unannounced allies of Radical Islam (as their enemies are the same).

What I suspect is that Radical Islam is not new but very very ancient. It is the viewpoint most civilizations and religions had long ago. The first Christians took the fish as their symbol as the Mill of Time had the constellation of Pisces swing overhead (the previous era was Aries, the ‘Ram’). While Jesus was very poor and did not seek violence, it ought to be remembered how ‘revolutionary’ that ‘turning the other cheek’ was in that era (the era of the Roman Empire). These Death Worshippers are not new…they are twenty centuries behind the times.