Three Men and the Wolfish Woman

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“Men are pigs,” say the women. But if men are pigs, who is the wolf seeking to sink its jaws into the sweet tasty nutrients that the pigs are?

Just as there are three little pigs, there are three little boys. The first one is Nice Guy. The second one is Speed Seduction Guy. The third one is Smart Guy. And instead of houses made of physical matter, men build mental houses that shelter and protect us all our lives.

It does not take much mental vigor to be a Nice Guy. That is why his house is made of straw. He doesn’t even think. He just throws whatever is nearest around him up there. Likewise, it does not take much vigor to be Speed Seduction Guy. All you have to do is log into a website and literally follow instructions. He laughs at Nice Guy while he builds his mental house made of sticks. Both Nice Guy and Speed Seduction Guy get done building their mental houses early so they laugh at Smart Guy as his is slowly, but methodically, building his mental house full of bricks.

When the wolf comes, the wolf comes as a dancing woman. Nice Guy and Speed Seduction Guy are charmed and dance with the wolf (while Smart Guy keeps building his house). As soon as Nice Guy and Speed Seduction Guy find out their charmer is a wolf disguised as a dancing girl, they flee to the Nice Guy House (as all Speed Seduction Guys start out in Nice Guy House of straw). The wolf shreds the straw house apart. Then they run into the Speed Seduction House of sticks. It falls apart but they quickly reassemble it. The wolf laughs and puts on additional sticks that eventually collapse the structure. The two run and keep going in circles until finally running into Smart Guy’s House of bricks.

The wolf (woman) keeps trying to break into Smart Guy’s house. But, unlike the Nice Guy House of Straw and Speed Seduction House of Sticks, the house holds. The wolf eventually tries very hard to get in which the doors are opened and the wolf runs through only to slam her face against the wall again. (Showing that Smart Guy isn’t avoidant of woman, he can have her inside the house but be able to kick her out once again.)

As Nice Guy and Speed Seducing Guy play and dance happily inside Smart Guy’s house, they look outside and see wolfie playing a little violen, crying, and snow falling. This is wolfie’s trap. Sure enough, it works. Nice Guy and Speed Seduction Guy fall in sympathy with the wolf and rush to the door to let wolfie in. Smart Guy covers the door and says, “NO!” Speed Seduction Guy pushes Smart Guy out of the way so Nice Guy and Speed Seduction Guy can rush outside of the house to let the wolf in.

Smart Guy hides behind the door and, being smart, discovers the ‘tune’ wolfie is using and flips it around. Poor wolfie! Now the wolf must suddenly start to dance! Now that wolf’s disguise is ruined, the wolf chases the three around the house.

The end comes when the wolf takes the elevator that, according to the wolf, will take it to finest heights possible where the three men are but, alas, the wolf plunges into the depth never to get up again. So it is with the woman who thinks they will ascend to the highest of heights possible inside the Smart Guy House only to fall into the abyss.