A story from a police officer…

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At a recent birthday celebration for my one year old nephew, the small party was attended by my nephews’ godfather. He is a police officer in his forties I believe. His wife is in her thirties.

The background was that he was married and had several children back in Georgia (I think). After the last child, he and his wife agreed that this was to be their last child. So he had a vasectomy just to insure she wouldn’t accidently get pregnant.

Well, she got pregnant. This was how he found out she had been cheating on him. Although I’m not sure who exactly initiated the divorce, I do know the police officer was shattered financially and lost everything, including his children. So what do financially shattered people do? Why, they come to Texas!

He re-married again but this time with a very traditional Catholic. I take it that she was very picky bird and came from a rather large family. The two are attempting to have children but Nature is saying no because to either the woman’s age or both of their ages.

The police officer sat on the couch with his wife and told me, along with my sister and her husband, a story that I wish to share with you.

The story was how a young man (the police officer’s friend) and his girlfriend got into an argument out in public. This is not uncommon. Both were well dressed. During the argument, the girl stepped back and tripped. She fell to the ground and twisted her arm. She screamed in pain.

At this time, police officers were at the scene. They heard shouting and saw the woman fall and scream. When they looked at the man, his face was red. He was one of those guys who, when they had some beer, would have their face and ears turn red. Immediately, the police separated the two. Both of them told the same the story. The girl stepped back, tripped, fell and twister her arm. The cops would not believe this and so took the young man to jail for assault.

This young man happened to be a friend of the police officer telling the story. So when he heard what happened, he personally intervened. He told them that he knew the guy, that he was no assaulter, and that his face gets red with beer and not with rage. He told them that they were already immediately separated and said the same thing. There was no way for them to make up the same story. And with this line of reasoning, the young man was set free. If the police officer had not intervened, what else would the result be?

The police officer drank his beer and then told me about himself. Police officers have a low life expectancy not just from the risk of dying on the job but because of all the fierce work involved. Fire fighters also have this lower life expectancy. He told me this because his body was falling apart and deteriorating fast.

Now, police officers’ wives are given a special bonus when the husband dies on duty. The wife joked that if she came into the house and found him dead, she would put his uniform on him and drag him into his patrol car so she can claim he died on duty. He laughed at this and said, “She’d do it!” He seemed positively confident that his wife would put his body into the car just for a bonus.

As the discussion continued, the police officer informed us how much he got paid when he first entered the service saying that it was less than a school teacher. His wife, a school teacher, became shocked and angry at this. “You only made that much money!?” Obviously, I could tell that this picky girl thought she deserved riches and seemed as if she was STUCK with him.

Perhaps she thought being married to a police officer would be glamorous. And her saying how she would drag his body to the patrol car just for a financial bonus seemed distasteful. Keep in mind, this was as traditional religious girl as you can get.

Women want money and power; they differ in the means in how they acquire it. Some go the feminist route and attempt to make a career to obtain this power and money they think is theirs. But what is not often talked about are the women who go the religious route who think that Virtue is some sort of entitlement to glory and wealth. It isn’t.

One way you could test out to see whether a woman was truly ‘Christian’ or not is to reference this part of the New Testament. In it, a man approaches Jesus and says that he has been following the Ten Commandments. What else is there for him to do? Jesus turned to him and said, “Sell all your possessions and follow me.” And with that, the man’s face fell.

Tell that story to the woman. Watch her reaction. True religious women are… (gasp) religious. Just as feminists believe their degrees and careers are entitlements to better husbands, so too do religious feminists believe their ‘virtue’ and ‘religion’ to be entitlements to better husbands.

Virtue’s root word is ‘Vir’ which, in Latin, means ‘Man.’ Virtue is not named after women for the obvious reasons.