We Need to Shame Women

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If there is going to be shame tactics against men, how about shame tactics against women?

Single Mother- Refer to their children as ‘bastards’ and that she is the mother of ‘bastards.’ She’ll get angry, but it is the truth. Instead of ‘single mother’ use the phrase ‘mother of bastards.’

Of course, the single mothers I am referring to are those who had children out of wedlock. I’m not referring to widows.

Slut- Referring to her as ‘slut’ might backfire as some women enjoy being called sluts. Use the word ‘diseased’ instead. 80% of sexually active women have herpes (yes, it’s true. Google it if you don’t believe me). Say to her: “Hello Diseased One!” Oh man, she’ll hate you. But the shame is true.

Career Woman- When the career woman says how she is going to have a nice car, have a big house, have all this money, just walk away saying, “You would make a wonderful husband.” She’ll know exactly what that means.

Woman-who-refuses-to-have-children- Point out that she is ‘barren.’

Feminist- Call her a ‘feminist.’ She will go bonkers for you labeling her correctly.

Why is shame always one way? Why don’t women get some shame? It is well past time that we correct this.