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The Human Chessboard is the way how many women view the world. To her, the ‘Checkmate’ (and status) is marriage. Through various manipulation, she keeps maneuvering her pieces to get the prize (which is YOU. It is YOU who are the prize being won). Your friends in the way? Poof! She removes them from your life. You’re hesitant to propose? Viola! She ramps up the bedroom activity. Different religions? No problem. She changes or doesn’t care about any religious differences (why should she? Religion to her is a tool, not something to submit to).




Alas, you dastardly Don Juan! Each alignment she places the pieces, you squiggle by. But soon you are cornered.


Now you find yourself walking down the wedding aisle. “NOOOOO!!!!” you scream. Marriage is the great ‘Checkmate’ of a woman’s life. I wondered why they used to be SOO HAPPY when they announced an engagement (and of course planned for a wedding). The groom just stands there with a look of smug bafflement. On one hand, he is probably thinking, “Gosh, she is SO HAPPY! She must love me SO MUCH. We will be so happy together!” But, on the other hand, he is wondering, “Why is she putting so much focus over this stupid wedding than us? Wouldn’t it be better to put the expenses of the wedding into, say, the new house? And why did I pay so much for that engagement ring?”

When Man is faced with a contradiction, he always chooses the path of maximum vanity. I think one of the biggest barriers of men not realizing they are being manipulated is their own ego. It is a huge blow to the ego to know you were so wrapped around a woman’s finger. “It has to be love,” the man will insist. “Yes, she is so much in love with me and wants the wedding to be perfect. That must be it!”

If you find yourself unfortunately trapped and have to listen to women talk about their ‘relationships,’ try to listen to them as if they were pieces on the chessboard plotting their checkmate. You will be in awe for then you find that women, far from emotional, possess the most calculating thoughts ever.