Reflect Nature’s Law of Fertility Unto The Women

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In order for the Men’s Movement to succeed, it must not only make inroads in persuading men, it must also persuade many women. Remember, Feminism could never have moved so strongly if it were not for the huge support from men. If the Men’s Movement actually wants to win, it will have to make a serious effort to get women on its side.

This is actually easier than you think. Many women are not happy with Feminism (but do love female entitlement). Since this is Pook’s Mill and not some other book, my procedure is to hold a mirror up to Nature. In order to persuade women, we must reflect Nature back at them. Reason fails. But reflections of Nature will succeed.

One mantle the Men’s Movement can take up is to combat the Fertility Plague that is ripping apart Western Nations. See map. Even the Prime Minister of Japan just shrugs and says, “I know no solution to the fertility problem.” This is an opportunity for a disruptor movement to come in and seize the issue.

One of the casualties of Feminism is that brain-washed women focus on careers and get in their thirties before having children. Hold the mirror up to Nature on this. Many women are not aware that their fertility rapidly drops after the age of twenty-seven. No feminist rhetoric can change this proof of Nature.

What if an enterprising student on college campuses made pamphlets or wrote in the school paper informing women about their short-lived fertility and how not to waste it jumping through corporate ladders? I have noticed this issue really “wakes up” many women. They suddenly begin to realize that, hey, they shouldn’t become men, that they are indeed women.

Educating women on their fertility won’t make them join the Men’s Movement, but it will get them to start questioning their ‘brain washing.’ It is a start.