What You Are Up Against

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As I am woefully behind on my emails, a kind reader sent in this link (editor’s apology, the link is dead). I wonder what I would have done if I sat in that guy’s place.

I would have said, “How can you have further mature discussions with someone who lies to you?” It is like if they both agreed not buying a new car but cupcake decides to come home with one anyway. Dr. Phil would probably say that “you might feel different when she comes home with the car,” and that to always “talk about it.”

The guy could have come back hard with the condom issue that Dr. Phil stayed on. I would have said, “If you wear a condom even when she says she is on birth control that means a lack of trust and a lack of love. Dr. Phil, you are asking me to treat the woman I love as if I could never trust her, as if she was some whore in a bar. Haven’t you been in love? You trust those who you love. She betrayed that trust. How can you raise a child with someone you cannot trust?”

When Dr. Phil asked the lawyer if he had children and he said no, I would have shot back, “Do you have a license to practice Law? This is a legal matter, not an emotional matter. Stop being a pussyboy and start acting like a man!”

Of course it is easy for someone like me to sit and pretend what to say if I was there. The reality is that when you are up there, it is much harder to think on the fly and you have no time to think of anything witty.

I have found that if the Matriarchy has accused you of any crime, the best defense is to always appeal to love. Matriarchy will not attack love…it cannot or it loses all its power. (Hence, the man was seen as the devil because he was depicted as ‘unloving’ to the child).

It shouldn’t be any surprise that mostly women watch Dr. Phil and made up most of the audience. Most women watch cable talk shows as well (which is why ugly Greta, who seems to talk out of her teeth, is obsessed with stories about missing young white girls).