Why did feminists go batshit insane?

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Some might say that the feminists are annoyed that an article destroys their plans. This is silly because feminists are not that smart. They don’t have plans anyway.

When I talk about “The Way,” I mean it. Feminists believe there is only one way and that there are no other options, no other choices, nothing. It is just “The Way.” Anyone who says, suggests, or strays away from “The Way” IS seen as a pervert, misfit, deranged LOSER.

Most women and most men cannot think outside of “The Way.” The feminists went insane because they actually believe what they say. They actually DO think this guy is the spawn of Satan, that he has deep personal problems, and that he despises women. And they DO believe in their feminist way of life. These are clearly women not in touch with reality.

The answer as to why feminists went batshit insane is because they were already batshit insane. If I found a woman writing an article not to marry a type of man and giving reasons, I would either…

  • Ignore it and live my life.
  • Debate it in the intellectual realm of ideas.

There would be no option three for me….

For feminists however there is….

  • Declare the article stupid while simultaneously proclaiming myself smart.

Or option four…

  • Attempt to personally destroy the author in every shape and way.

And of course….

  • Declare Feminist Jihad against Forbes Magazine.

Feminists are sexual terrorists. They have sleeper cells throughout the country and pass themselves off to be civilians. Michael Noer and even Pook are nothing but infidels to them that have to be neutralized somehow. We are the supposed Patriarchs who are preventing this “Feminist Golden Age” from taking place. But, alas, this Golden Age does not come! So it is no wonder that Feminists take jihad against Nature the most.

Poor Nature! You are undone! Just as Egypt was inflicted with plagues by God, Feminism must be one of such plagues sent by God (but then even God wouldn’t be so cruel).