The Poisoned Feminist Tree…

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I want you to imagine this scenario:

Imagine if the ‘social sciences’ such as Psychology and Sociology invade the Halls of Science and become the norm. Instead of any standard of science, sciences such as Physics and Biology become only a ‘theory’ and are never declared to be authoritative. All the ‘math’ and rigidity of science gets cleanly removed. You ask, “What is Physics? What is Biology?” only to be told: “There can be no definition of Physics. There can be no definition of Biology. There can be no definition of Science.”

You could make the following conclusions if this occurred: first, it would be a dark age for science. All scientific progress would effectively cease. Second, anyone could easily become a scientist and ‘practice’ science.

This imagined destruction of Science is exactly what occurred to the Humanities.

The Humanities are extremely important: they are where you go to find information on Human Nature. Many fields are based on the rock of the Humanities such as History, Politics, and Law. The Humanities were frequently and heavily used by the ‘great men’ in History as a source of inspiration and motivation in their darkest hours. George Washington had his men perform Joseph Addison’s play, “Cato” at Valley Forge for example. When America’s ‘founding fathers’ were debating and crafting the U.S. Constitution, they argued history and the humanities. They looked to the depths of the Bible, of Shakespeare, of any art and literature they could get their hands onto. They knew the best way to craft Law was to understand the maze of Human Nature. John Adams never went anywhere without a poet in his pocket. Washington adored theater.

Jefferson and Franklin were also voracious readers and students of Human Nature. Abraham Lincoln’s impressive speech style didn’t come from nowhere. When the Humanities were healthy, politicians and historians were manly as well.

Now, when you consider a poet, what image comes to your mind? It is probably that of a daisy, of some weak limp wristed man who produces nothing and does nothing. This is sad because poetry was language married to music. You couldn’t be a poet if you didn’t understand music (think of the bards). And how can you understand music without knowing math and the technicalities and details that go along with it?

When you consider an artist today, what image comes to your mind? Again, probably is not a very manly image. But there was a time when an artist meant the world. The artist could trap reality onto a canvas and perform stunning work (as we have seen from the Renaissance Art to the 19th Century Art). But, today, art has absolutely no standard. “You cannot define art,” is what is taught in all art schools. Imagine “You cannot define science,” being said in science schools!

In my post below, I began to think that women’s mindset is set to conquer people, men and women, and hold them under their influence whereas a man’s mindset is set to conquer the world of Nature.

It follows that if women invaded the University, their focus would reflect that mindset: all their fields would be focused on influencing and understanding power over people (and care not a whit about overall Nature itself). The Social Sciences are a good example. Psychology and Sociology are more about people than about Nature. Often, the common tropes of ‘power’ and ‘influence’ are focused on.

The Humanities have been totally turned inside out by this mindset. Everything is seen about ‘power’ and ‘influence.’ While some Western Classics still exist, they are relegated not as authority but as a ‘theory.’ And even then, they are accused of being ‘influential’ and having ‘too much power.’ There is much belief about a Patriarchy that had ‘power’ and didn’t allow female writings to prosper (hence the Feminist School of Thought).

The Humanities used to be about exploring Nature and understanding its laws. Now, the Humanities are about exploring power and influences. Before, Humanities had a manly mindset. Now, it has a female mindset.

Reviving the Humanities will take much work, but it will be worth it. Feminism cannot survive with the old style Humanities because Nature is kryptonite to Feminism. You can verify this by how viciously Feminism attacks Biology’s attempts to show that men and women are different by nature (as opposed by socially meaning power and influence).

Feminism is like a poisoned tree putting out bad fruit eaten by women flooding through the universities. Refuting the politics of Feminism is like chopping down the tree’s limbs. It does no good as it grows back. Assaulting Feminism as an ideology itself is like trying to inflict harm on this giant tree with scissors…it isn’t going to work. But if you look down at the Feminism Tree’s roots, you will find the roots are the re-written Humanities. If we chop here, the roots, and replace the soil with good Humanities, the giant Feminist Tree will just topple over and die. This is the only way I see at TOTAL victory.