Why do people stay bitter?

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Why on earth do people prefer doomsday over paradise, rage over laughter, or anger over happiness?

The biggest cause of political movements is losing in life. Most people who protest and march in the streets in the West do so because they have lost out in life. They feel the rich became so by stealing it from them, that those who are happy did so by making them sad, and so on and so forth. They throw themselves as the legislative palace because they blame society rather than themselves. Sometimes they were legitimately wounded by unfair laws and their cause is just. But still, they are not the first people in history to taste the sting of an unjust law. Why throw away your life to the pool of bitterness because of a single act?

The Men’s Movement faces this tragedy directly. Many men have had their lives torn apart by a backstabbing legal process. When you hear these guys, you hear rage and anger from them. But this is not attractive to others to join the movement because who wants to wake up full of rage and anger all the time?

One thing is that I don’t think these men have fully healed (or even want to). While married, everything they did was wrong. But now, everything in the world is wrong and they, of course, are always right. It’s a pendulum shift. The world is always in doomsday. They are full of pain and want feminists and others to be full of pain too.

Why do people stay enraged? Don’t tell me it is “to get things done” because I see more complainers than true activists. The true tragedy is not what feminists have done but the pain we inflict on ourselves.

With all there is out there to achieve and enjoy, with all there is to live and be happy with, why waste all that on being bitter for the rest of your lives? Why live in Hell? And why is there this desire (from doomsters) to imagine Hell on Earth?

I think it is conditioning. Some men are so used to Hell that they don’t know anything else. Some people are more comfortable in Hell.

Victory against Matriarchy is not in writing manifestos, blogging, or shouting from the rooftops. Matriarchy has declared war not on men, but on the joy, love, and life men enjoy. So whenever you feel joy and share genuine love in your life, add that to your victory list of accomplishments. Living well is the best revenge.

When men are happy, feminists know they have been defeated. They want you to be angry. They want you to be miserable. They want you to be alone apart from women. But they don’t want you to find love in your life. They don’t want you to find true joy and live life. They don’t want you to be your soul’s content.

What more justified battle is there to be fought when the prize is joy itself?