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For years on sosuave (and on this blog), my profile’s location is only known as “Nirvana.” Do you want to know what Nirvana is?

Quickly, my pooklings, gather around the blog! I will show you Pook’s homeland, the place where men are men and women are women, where being a man meant more than being an animal.

Once upon a time, women wore dresses. They were not allowed to wear short hair or else they would be mistaken for prostitutes (and were thought the same if they smoked or drank). There are tales, legends, whispered from old men’s breaths of an ancient age where sexuality was vibrant and masculinity and femininity shimmered throughout society. Like Winston talking to the old men in 1984, so too must we do the same. All the old men say the same thing:

“Everything has changed.” It is time you see Nirvana for yourself.